The Benefits of Cremation Services in Hardeeville, SC

Do you like the idea of breaking out of the mold of a traditional funeral and planning a cremation instead? There are benefits to both services, but many families choose cremation services because of the unique benefits that are available.

cremation serviceOne myth in the industry is that cremation limits the options for the family. If you choose a cremation, does it eliminate the opportunity to have a funeral or memorial service? No! You have a say in what happens before and after the cremation. So, you can put together a plan that will accommodate the needs of your family.

Cremation Benefits

As you learn more about these benefits, it is easy to see why people choose cremation instead of a traditional burial. Benefits include:

  • Simplified Planning: With a basic cremation, you don’t have a long list of complicated decisions. There is no need to pick a casket, pay for a burial plot, schedule a viewing, or worry about the headstone on the grave. Cremation can simplify the services to make it easy to complete the arrangements in the best way for the family.
  • Cheaper Services: How much will you pay for a traditional burial? These services can cost upwards of $10,000! Expensive services can place a cost burden on the family, making it a difficult time to pay the bill and grieve the loss of a loved one. In comparison, direct cremation allows you to skip some of the most expensive parts of planning a funeral.
  • Less Stress: Don’t put yourself through unneeded stress when you lose someone that you love. Instead of trying to put together the perfect funeral, you can pay respects through a basic cremation and informal memorial service.
  • Final Resting Place: One of the benefits of cremation is that you have flexibility with the final resting place for the ashes. Caskets need to be placed in a cemetery. But, cremated ashes can be stored in an urn and placed anywhere that you desire.

It is easy to see why cremation is becoming the preferred choice for many modern families. If you want to enjoy these benefits, then you should talk to our team here at Cremation Simplified for more information.

The Final Resting Place for the Ashes

What should you do with the ashes after the cremation is complete? It’s up to you! Some people plan a small memorial for friends and family, with the ashes on display in an urn. Or, another option is to store the urn at home to remember the person who was lost. You can also consider the option to divide the ashes among family members so that everyone has the choice for a final resting place.

Scattering the ashes is a popular option. These ashes can be scattered in any location that you choose. Consider the requests of the deceased. For example, the person might request to have the ashes scattered in a place where they loved to go on vacation.

Or the wishes of the survivors might be considered, to offer a place where people can go to visit. A memorial garden is one option. The growth of flowers and plants symbolizes the new life that comes after the ashes have been returned to the earth.

What We Offer at Cremation Simplified

Our team at Cremation Simplified is clear about the services that are available for our customers. Instead of providing one location where you can find all of the funeral services that you need, we’ve specialized to focus on cremation. This scope of service includes the paperwork, permits, death certificates, transportation, and the cremation. We keep things simple while handling all of the necessary details to ensure that timely and appropriate services are offered.

On the other hand, we don’t offer assistance with insurance billing, funeral planning, embalming, caskets, or graveside services. Families can arrange these options outside of our services. Or, if you want a company that takes care of all of the details, we encourage you to talk to a full-service funeral home.

By keeping things simple, we have found that we can provide the basic services at rock-bottom prices. We don’t have the overhead expenses of maintaining a large meeting hall for funeral services or managing all of the facilities that are needed for embalming. By cutting these costs, we can pass the savings onto our customers. We want to provide easy access to affordable services that will meet the needs of your family.

When you are ready to learn more about cremation services in Hardeeville, SC, then our team at Cremation Simplified is here to help. We offer the leading cremation services in the area! You can come to our facilities located at 49 Browns Cove Rd N Ste 1, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Or, call if you would like to schedule a consultation. We offer online arrangements, as well as in-person meetings to meet your needs: (843) 645-4449

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