4 Reasons You Should Choose Direct Cremation Services in Okatie, SC

When you are planning a funeral, it is important that you understand your options before choosing the services. Learn more about the industry here in Okatie, SC, and you will see that funeral homes offer different types of services. For example, some businesses provide full-service funerals that include everything from embalming to viewings to the graveside service. Other companies, such as our team here at Cremation Simplified, are focused on a specific niche in the industry.

cremation serviceWe know that funeral planning can be stressful. So, our services are designed to provide the basic things that you need without the stress and headache of other non-necessary options. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of having a traditional burial, then we encourage you to learn more about the direct cremation services that we provide.

Here are four reasons why people choose Cremation Simplified instead of traditional funeral home services:

Reason #1: Cut the Expenses

It is no secret that your family will spend a lot of money on a traditional burial and funeral. Even if you are trying to stick to a budget, you can’t avoid costs that are required for the casket, burial plot, funeral, viewing, embalming, and more. These expenses add up, resulting in a bill that puts financial stress on the family.

If you are worried about the costs, then you might consider the option to pay for a cremation instead. These services eliminate the unnecessary tasks, helping to reduce the costs as much as possible. Keep it simple, and your pocketbook will thank you.

Just because you are saving money, doesn’t mean that you won’t pay the proper respects to the deceased. You have many options to ensure that family and friends can say goodbye.

Reason #2: Reduce the Stress

Losing someone that you love is a stressful experience. Add the headache of planning a funeral on top of the grief, and it can be overwhelming for some people. There is no reason why you should go through a stressful experience in addition to the mourning period that you are experiencing.

Instead of planning a complicated funeral, consider the benefits of a direct cremation. These services keep things simple so that you can focus on your family in this time of need.

Reason #3: Expand Your Options

With a traditional burial, the body needs to be placed in a casket in a designated location. So, you will need to choose a burial plot and design a headstone that will mark the grave. Many people feel limited with the burial because they don’t have many options available.

In comparison, cremated ashes can be stored in any location of your choice. These ashes will be placed in an urn or temporary storage container to match your wishes. Then, you can keep the ashes in your home or place them in a location that was special to the deceased.

The final resting place can be any place that you can imagine! Create a memorial garden where the ashes can be scattered and fuel the soil for new growth and life. Or, these ashes could be scattered in the wind, over the ocean, or at another destination where your family likes to visit.

Reason #4: Religious or Personal Traditions

In some cases, cremation is chosen because of religious beliefs. Our team can accommodate your preferences to ensure that respect is offered every step of the way. For example, we can arrange to have your family present when the deceased is placed in the cremation chamber. We have state-of-the-art facilities that you can visit anytime.

Personal choices can also dictate the need to plan a cremation. Some people feel so strongly that cremation should be done that they talk to us for pre-planning. These arrangements can be made at any time, to ensure that your needs are met after you are gone.

What Makes Cremation Simplified Unique?

Our services are focused on the direct, basic cremation that you need. If you are looking for an affordable way to avoid the complications of a bigger funeral, then we are here to help. As you read the information here on our website, you will see that we are clear about the services that are available. In the case where a customer wants other services, such as a funeral or graveside planning, then we suggest that they talk to a full-service funeral home.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of cremation in Okatie, SC? These services are available through Cremation Simplified. We provide the easiest solution for pick-up and transportation to our facility. Plus, we will arrange for all of the paperwork and legal steps that need to be met when someone passes away. You can visit us at 49 Browns Cove Rd N Ste 1, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Or call for more information about the cremation services that we provide: (843) 645-4449

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