Caring, Direct Cremation Services in Ridgeland, SC

Have you decided that direct cremation services are better than paying for a traditional burial? It can be a challenging decision to choose funeral arrangements for someone that you love. But, you need to consider all options to design a plan to match their needs. Compare the funeral homes in Ridgeland, SC and pick the services that match your goals.

cremation serviceAt Cremation Simplified, we offer the supportive services that you need if you choose cremation. Instead of complicating the situation with all types of funeral options, we keep things simple by focusing only on cremation.

Why Traditional Funerals are No Longer Popular

Even though people have had traditional funerals for many years, the times are changing, and people are adjusting their preferences. Many families find it stressful and challenging to plan a big funeral while grieving the loss of someone that they love. Instead, of carrying the responsibility of putting together a complicated funeral plan, consider the option to choose cremation.

Traditional burials are time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. It is common for the bill to be $10,000 or more for the embalming, viewing, funeral, and graveside service. In comparison, a cremation is a fraction of the cost and this service eliminates the stress of planning a big event.

Another drawback to a traditional burial is the formality of the event. If you are paying respects to someone who was fun and full of life, then it seems out of place to dress in black and sit in a boring ceremony. So, families are adapting to provide the services that show respect and match the wishes of the deceased. For example, it is common for an informal memorial to be scheduled when the ashes are going to be scattered. Friends and family gather together to share memories of the person, and then say goodbye as the ashes move into the wind.

What is Included in Basic Cremation Services?

When you choose our direct cremation services, you won’t have a long list of costs on the invoice. Instead, we focus on the essentials to keep things simple. Our services always include the things that are necessary for the cremation:

  • Pick-up transportation to bring the body to our location
  • Death certificate paperwork and copies of the certificate
  • Permits for the cremation to be completed
  • Notification of the death to the Social Security Administration

There are a few add-on services that you might consider. For example, some families want to have a small viewing within one or two days of the passing. Or, families might want to gather to see the body placed in the cremation chamber. Whether you choose these options for personal or religious traditions, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

We are a full-service cremation company. If you are looking for funeral planning services or assistance with the cemetery or graveside gathering, then we encourage you to talk to a company that can provide this support.

After the Cremation

What should you do after the cremation is done? If it is convenient, you can pick up the ashes at our location. Or, we will store the ashes in a temporary container and mail them to you through the US Postal Service for an additional fee. We are looking for every opportunity to make it as easy as possible for your family.

You can choose to hold a small memorial after the body has been cremated. Or, you might consider the option to forego the memorial and instead divide the ashes among family and close friends. These ashes can be stored in smaller urns, or scattered according to the preferences of each person.

Some families choose cremation, paired with other traditions such as a cemetery burial and headstone. You can arrange with a local cemetery to have the ashes placed in the family plot. It can be comforting to have a place to visit where the person was laid to rest.

Scattering the ashes is another popular option. These ashes can be scattered in a memorial garden or any location that was meaningful to the deceased. Some people use the opportunity to visit their favorite vacation area so that the ashes can be scattered on the trip.

Many Options for Cremation Services

Instead of assuming that your options are limited if you choose cremation, we encourage people to see the many possibilities that are available. You have the freedom to design a plan that will best accommodate your family and friends.

Our team at Cremation Simplified is here to offer the services that you need. We provide the basic cremation so that you can choose the activities that happen before and after the cremation. You are welcome to use our online form to make the arrangements. Or, meet us in person so that we can fill out the paperwork together. Stop by our location at 49 Browns Cove Rd N Ste 1, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Or call to schedule an appointment: (843) 645-4449

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